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Besides for posting some of the latest and best s for razor sample offers we’ll also score the web for free coupons as well. While shaving today I realized I probably need a new one since lets face it, the blade on my razor was dull and without a new one my shave will continue to be terrible.  Though it might take up to six weeks to arrive, I have discovered that it is possible to get free razor samples in the mail from a variety of companies. Or, to make my next in store purchase cheaper, there is also a variety of coupons available for razors like Quattro, Old Spice, and more.


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Why Do Companies Give Out Free Razors?
They want you to try their products and the best way is by shipping these directly to you. There is so much competition that they use free razor samples as a marketing technique.   This lets you try before your buy and there is a reason so many companies are doing this. It actually works and many people are persuaded by the offers sent in the mail that they actually continue buying the razor they got in the mail.


However not all companies just directly give out samples, some give out coupons which often times can make the product free or nearly free. They do this so they don;’t have to ship the razor sample by mail and instead you can go to the store and pick it up.

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Free Hydro Silk Schick Razor

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Free Noxema Shaving Squad Razor Sample

Likes like the crew over at Noxema is known for sending out free razor samples by mail when you contact them.  Then they will send you their latest offers and more for a limited time only.  Generally just send them a contact with your information and they will often send you valuable razor coupons and …

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